Elsipogtog Health
& Wellness Centre
Community Justice Services

The Restorative Justice Program delivers a diversion/alternative measures and community sentencing program for youth and adults accused or convicted of committing a certain criminal offences (e.g. simple assault, shoplifting, mischief, etc.). The Program engages offenders, victims, Elders and other community members in pre-charge healing circles, and in post-conviction sentencing circles. The Program is delivered by a Community Justice Committee (Justice Panel) made of members drawn from the community (including Elders, youth and women) and from a full range of community services and programs. They also provide support services for victims at risk and their families. This support includes pre-trial preparation services and post-trial stages (e.g proceedings of a trial or the outcomes of sentence hearings, update of the final outcomes of a trial) of the Criminal Justice System. The Program also assists and prepares victims during the pre- and post-charge stages of the Restorative Justice Program.


HIGHLIGHTS 2013-2014

  • Staff attend unveiling of Residential School Survivors Monolith
  • Atlantic Circle Keepers Conf.
  • Walk a Mile in her shoes success
  • New Victim's Assistance Worker - Holly Sock
  • PCM's attend drum making sessions
  • Danger Assessment Training
  • Wampum CISM Training
  • ODARA Training
  • Motivational Interviewing Training



  • Mediation
  • Restorative Justice Sentencing circles
  • Victim’s Assistance Program
  • Apigsigtoagen
  • Group conferencing
  • Family support
  • System referrals
  • Native probation worker
  • Violence & Abuse Prevention
  • Crime Reduction


Referrals 32
Crown 25
Court 22
Restorative Justice 1
Apigsigtoagen 1
Victim’s Assistance Circles 22
Other Agency 3
Self or Family 7
Victim Impact Statements 34
Healing to Wellness Court 24


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